We are Addsome

Addsome  is a business oriented communication and PR consultancy.

We assist customers with internal and

external communication.


Communication is an efficient

management tool. Correctly used,

 it can help your company achieve

business goals and increase profitability.


Through analysing your company’s communication from an overall

perspective, together we can

derive options for improvement.


We are communication strategists

knowing the craft.

The Addsome Way

Communication is not only about customers and suppliers, but also about all other key company stakeholders –external as well as internal.


Addsome believes in company integrated communication.


Change is inevitable. All organisations need, from time to time, to change. We believe that change is for the better.


Only by knowing the latest trends and tools the communication process can be optimised.  We strive to know the best communication tools.


Well-performed communication always improves long-term profitability. We believe in looking out for your profitability.

This is who we are — This is what we do!

Addsome Communication is a communication consultancy, within external as well as internal communication.


This can mean work with financial communication, investor relations, market communication and corporate communication.


Addsome brings about strategies, plans and help you lead, manage as well as carry out communication activities towards different stakeholders.


During 2012 we worked with communication assignments within the packaging industry (50 %), the food industry (10 %), the real estate industry (25 %) and within the fashion industry (5 %).


Addsome’s role can be to assist in developing a strategy, establishing a communication plan, be

the project manager or perform follow up work.


We act as your external communication department, when you do not have the time yourself or are in need of communication expertise.





Internal communication: We help out with research and benchmark, communication analyses and channel analyses as well as communication plans. When needed we create editorial platforms and bring about activity plans to carry out efficient internal communication activities.


Our goal is to assure that employees save time, become more efficient and produce more. Your profitability is our focus.


Branding: We contribute to actions strengthening your brand and bring about brand platforms.


Change management communication: We create internal communication plans and manage activities with the aim of creating a good change management environment and to facilitate dialogue within the company during change.







Financial communication is about delivering strong, strategic messages to the right target groups and stakeholders.


We believe that all companies should create annual reports, no matter how small. Making an internal analysis strengthens your profile among stakeholders. It increases trust and credibility.


Addsome helps out in the process of creating

annual and financial reports, stressing the right key messages and finding the accurate tone of voice. We can also assist with presentations, scripts and digital productions as well as customer- or employee magazines, newsletters and other productions.




Addsome acts as sounding boards in communication management support, providing advice in different communication situations.




Addsome Communication can help you administrate, plan and lead marketing and communication activities.




We have close and strong partners within several areas: crisis communication, change management, change management communication, copywriting and within leadership coaching.

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